Sunday, March 23, 2008

The sweater on its namesake

Here's Leif in his sweater-talk about a cute kid! (I'm not biased at all!) The sweater fit pretty well. I had made the sleeves a little long, and the torso a bit long too- but I was paranoid that it wouldn't be big enough. In this picture the sweater is slightly askew since he'd been playing in the snow. The panel of knit goes straight down the front with equal pearl panels on either side.

You can see how the twisted tree pattern runs up the sides, splits at the sleeve and then meets on both the front and the back at the neck.

The top of the sleeves also has a knit panel that runs down the sleeve. The sweater isn't designed to cuff at the sleeves, but I had knit them too long (oops). I'm thinking he'll grow into it perhaps?

This photo shows better how the front is when it's not all wrapped around him from playing. It looks like he's enjoying modeling here, but believe me, the moods change quickly so I had to fire off a ton of shots while he was still willing!

Here Leif is doing what he likes to do best-romping around outside.

Thanks again to Sarah who did such a fabulous job designing this!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to your blog Abbie. It was great seeing Leif. He is such a cutie. We got to see him recently as our paths crossed at Cosco gas station in Smokey Point. The sweater looks adorable on him. Keep in touch.

Love, Jo and Bronco

Anne said...

You're a pro! :-) You'll have to give me tips. If I ever get anywhere with my sweater, that is.

Sarah said...

You did an awesome job, Abbie - and it looks great on him! That kid is going to have to stop getting cuter, though. He's going to cause car accidents and public disturbances whenever he goes out.

Hey, can I borrow one of your pictures to show off with the pattern?

xo Sarah

The World Around ME said...

you guys SOOOO funny!


Ricarda said...

Hi from Germany!

I have also a son called Leif. He's 7 months old and I always watch on ravelry to find interesting and not too difficult knits for him.
It will be a pleasure for me to work this sweater for him, too.
Thank you very much for this great ideas!

yours sincerely, Ricarda